Bathtub Installation Estimate

The Importance Of Getting A Bathtub Installation Estimate Before Hiring a Professional


Like any big project, it’s important to get a few written estimates.  Bathtub installation estimates can range anywhere from $400 – $7,502, with the average being around $3,226.  .  These were numbers reported by members of HomeAdvisors.   With Hawaii’s higher cost of living compared to the nation, don’t be surprised when estimates come in on the high side.


Here are some tips when getting installation estimates:


*Ask to see proof of insurance – Your tub will be ripped out and accidents do happen.  You want to make sure YOU are covered in case the unexpected happens.

*Ask for their License – all plumbers in Hawaii are required to be licensed.

*Be clear how you will be charged – every plumbing company has their own way of billing.  Some bill by the hour and some a flat rate per project.  Check if materials are included in the price as well.  Whatever it is, get it in writing.


Sometimes you want to leave things to the professionals.



Use a Licensed and Insured Plumber.

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